Construction Project Updates

2017-2018 Pavement Preservation Project

Project dates are July 20 to September 10, 2018. Street Closures begin August 21, 2018.

View Pavement Preservation Neighborhood Maps and schedules of the project area or call (707) 838-5340: 

Slurry Sealing – a Preventative Maintenance Pavement Treatment

Slurry sealing is a preventative maintenance which involves applying an emulsified asphalt mixture spread over the existing street surface.  It protects streets from water intrusion, provides improved skid resistance and extends the life of the roadway.  The streets to be slurry sealed are selected based on the condition of the pavement identified by the Town’s Pavement Management Program and are grouped into neighborhoods for efficient application. 

“Why does a street with a fairly intact surface get slurry sealed as opposed to a more deteriorated street?”  A slurry seal is a surface treatment that is meant to extend the life of the pavement and should be applied before a street begins to deteriorate with potholes, broken surfaces and cracks.  Slurry seal is a cost-effective method to maintain a good street in good condition.  Streets that have deteriorated beyond the benefit of slurry sealing are treated with an asphalt overlay or are reconstructed which can be very expensive. 


Several locations will require pavement repairs and crack sealing prior to the application of the slurry seal.  The construction contractor will distribute a notice with information about temporary restrictions to on-street parking and driving on the newly sealed roadway.  The information will be left at your door. The Contractor will also be posting “No Parking” signs every 100’, 72 hours prior to the work commencing. Vehicles left parked on the street will be towed at the owner’s expense.

On the day of your streets slurry seal application, the road will be closed from approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The construction contractor will be providing traffic control and will be available to address any questions and concerns during the slurry seal application.  They will be able to provide maps and show where to park your car outside of the project area.

Driving, walking, or bicycling on the slurry seal before it is cured may damage the street and materials. It may adhere to your shoes or splatter onto your car.  Please stay off the street until it has been determined that the streets are open to traffic.  In the weeks following the application of the slurry seal, new street and striping and markings will be applied which may require additional traffic control, but the streets will remain open to all traffic.